Do you have surplus surgical supplies that you will consider selling or donating to put capital back into your budget?
Are you losing money from your inventory on surplus surgical supplies that are slow moving, short dated, or expired?
Crescent Surgical Supply (CSS) has a solution to decrease this loss by monetizing these products.
Through this partnership CSS can greatly reduce the amount of useable and
often valuable surgical consumables from ever reaching landfills.
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Who we are?

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Region for procuring surplus surgical supplies.

What we do?

CSS procurement team is responsible for the transition of surplus surgical supplies from the shelves of hospitals to facilities who can use them right away. They also ensure many of these supplies go to places of significant need improving access and patient outcomes globally.


Do you have excess surgical supplies that are short dated, slow moving or expired? Have you considered donating your surplus?Crescent Surgical Supply has a solution to offset this excess through donation. CSS has partnered with Physicians committed to medical relief efforts in providing and redistributing these supplies in developing countries globally. You benefit by receiving tax write-offs and by providing much needed supplies to improve the health of patients worldwide who otherwise would not have access.


Crescent Surgical Supply has partnered with Partners for World Health (PWH) and other non-profit organizations in recovering surplus medical supplies and distributing to developing nations. Expired supplies are unsuitable for domestic placement but can be used internationally in the developing world. Donation of these supplies meets the goal of preventing useable and often valuable surgical consumables from ever reaching the landfills, thus protecting our environment and improving patient outcomes globally.

Partners for World Health (PWH) is a non-profit organization who collects medical supplies and equipment, repackage and distribute to individuals, communities, and healthcare facilities in need.PWH limits the impact on the environment by diverting materials from landfills, provides healthcare resources to those in need, and aims to improve health conditions.

To learn more about the not for profit organization (s) we work with, please visit

Naomi Hays, RN, MSN, CNOR
Senior Account Manager-Procurement


Reginald Hays
Account Manager-Procurement


Rueben Hays Sr
Account Manager-Procurement