What we do

We broker medical devices and products  around the globe saving many products from becoming medical waste and filling landfills. Many of our products are procured from partners with direct relationships with hospitals who are looking to short sale expiring or expired surplus inventory. We look to purchase these products and wholesale them to partners who sell direct to facilities around the globe with an immediate need.  


We have been in the surgical surplus industry for nearly twenty years, formerly as RomeMed Inc. Smaller private facilities and struggling communities around the world have greatly benefited from a 20-40% reduction of inventory cost by utilizing our in-date, short dated, and expired sterile supply.

Our Mission

CSS is your best choice for surplus solutions because we have made it our mission to partner with Non-Profit organizations to improve patient access by distributing a bulk of surplus globally while offering “just-in-time” short dated products to facilities locally eliminating waste completely.

Why buy from us?

We are great for the environment and your budget. Globally we have saved tons of valuable surgical supply that was unused, expired, and aging from entering landfills.

Global Redistribution

We redistribute surplus surgical supply inventory to and from hospitals, surgical and educational centers, private companies and individuals within the US and abroad.


Our Veteran-owned business is responsible for reducing medical waste by recirculating unused medical devices prior to expiration to authorized facilities (globally) who can use them right away.

Mission Statement

We build collaborative relationships to achieve solutions that are cost effective and timely, while increasing patient access here and abroad.

Crescent Surgical Supply Inc.

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